My Toughest Critic

I mentioned in my last post that I'd been doing a lot of writing this summer.

As in, a lot.  (For me, that is...if you're one of those people who whips out a first draft in 17 days, please don't tell me.  I may have to lunge through my computer screen and hurt you.)

What to show for it?  A sparkly, frosted early MG novel that I finally got around to revising...while...taking a break from my first draft YA WIP (the first page of which is here, if you remember that particular awesomesauce blogfest from earlier this year).  Right now, I'm in the process of making the list (insert fiendish dah-dah-duhhhh music here) of needed revisions.

The Pea had his own suggestions:

Also, whatever you do, don't go here.  It's this icky-poo-poo blog contest over at Night Writer that I know you don't want to win.  I mean, Kiersten White's Paranormalcy and Stephanie Perkins' Anna and the French Kiss and Shelley Moore Thomas's Good Night, Good Knight?  Ick!  (I'm serious.  Don't go there.  I want to win this one so bad, I'm about to pee in my pants.)


  1. Quite the aspiring little editor you have there!

  2. Looks like he has a lot of suggestions for you :)

  3. I want to win Myrna's drawing too! Wanna arm wrestle for it? :o)

    My papers all look like this too--with kids who like to write on paper(and see mom do it often) it's inevitable.

    Have a great weekend, Karen! :o)

  4. Lol! Karen, can I just say that I LOVE the title of your blog?? That is totally me. I get all my writing in during my little man's nap time. Great stuff. Cute pictures. Sorry about the scribbling. :)