What I Have Been Doing This Summer:

-Swim lessons (which can I just say...wow...eats up your whole week like a pack of piranhas)
-Writing (a lot, but more on that in a later post)
-Picking Cheerios and raisins out of the carpet (but what's new with that?)
-Enjoying the Pea's brilliant new vocabulary (don't even get me started on the singing.  Can one die of an adorableness overdose?)
-Rejoicing with my Critique Gals over victories in our writing
-Relaxing and enjoying my family (especially the little red wagon, gifted from Nana)

What I Have Not Been Doing This Summer:
-Blogging (Oh, come on, you have to forgive me.  Look at the Pea!  Be mesmerized by his adorableness!)


  1. The Pea is adorable!
    And, I just gave you the Sunshine Award on my blog Light and Shadow. I first came to your blog because of the name, - it really suited my life right now... And, I love yor writing. :-)

  2. OK, yes the Pea is abso-tootin' adorable, but it's still nice to see you pop in here

  3. She's alive!

    I've missed you, Karen. Do please stop by and visit once in a while, ya hear?

    Your little guy is super cute--enjoy it!

  4. I'm right there with you! At least you've been writing! With my kids out of pre-school, forget it, I'm getting nothing done! Except lots and lots and lots of quality time with them! ;)

  5. I am mesmerized by the adorableness of Pea!

  6. He has gotten SO big (and adorable). I love it when mine sing, especially Gwenyth; she made up this song she calls Conifer Dreams that changes every time she sings it. Last night, there were dragons, and I felt sorry for the poor conifers.

  7. I am totally mesmerized! :) The Pea wins!