That is sooooo Beth Revis.

As if I can't already like her enough, admire her enough, or be more excited about her book release next year, Beth Revis has gone and started a new awesomesauce blog with three fellow dystopian authors (Julia Karr, Angie Smibert, and Jeff Hirsch) who are also debuting in 2011.  The League of Extraordinary Writers.

When does she sleep?

AND they're having a great giveaway to kick things off.

I want to win.  Le sigh.


  1. /blushes

    Aw shucks! :) :) :)

    And who needs sleep? LOL! JK! Sleep is my favorite activity. I just made sure to with other talented writers on this one. :)

  2. Hey, I wandered over here from Random Thoughts. Nice to meet you! I saw your comment that you're headed to Atlanta- I'm in SC. Happy Writing!

  3. I second that! I want you to win. Le sigh.

  4. Awesomeness...New blog and New Author for me!!

  5. Your blog is fantastic. I have an award for you over at