Thousand Word Wednesday

Time for another one, folks.  I've been on a roll on my WIP, then yesterday because of LOST, horrible allergies, and my whiny, whiny nature, I got less than 400 words done.

So I need some motivation.  And if you're anything like me, you need some to.

Up for grabs?  A free DVD rental code to a Red box kiosk.

To win it?  Just write 1,000 words by midnight tonight, Google Standard Time (i.e. Pacific....I just like to put Google Standard time because they're taking over the world one megabyte at a time, and if I lost access to my Google account for more than one day, my head might explode.)  Fill in this form when you're done.  And tell friends!  The more, the merrier.


  1. I'm determined to participate this week. I'll be back.

    And, um, no access to my Google account for a WHOLE day?! I think I'm having an anxiety attack... ;)

  2. I'm so brain-dead I really don't think I can sign up for that! But a noble cause :)

  3. Thanks, Karen! I never would've gotten 1000 words done today without this extra incentive. And it was a scene I've been procrastinating. You're awesome! :)