You Can't Go Back Friday: Today's Special

Anyone remember this little gem from Nickelodeon in the 1980's?

Today's Special.  It was Muppets Take Manhattan meets the movie Mannequin.  Only Canadian.

The basic premise:  it was a kids' show set in a department store, and every time the workers left, the mannequin came alive.  I think there was a rat (or is that a mouse? Seriously, if that thing wasn't made in Jim Henson's Creature Shop, I smell a juicy lawsuit coming on.*) who was her friend.  To be honest, it's a bit hazy.  It came on after Pinwheel, which my mom referred to as "T.V. junk food", so my brain was nice and mushy by that point.

Sometimes, I feel like my protags do the same thing, develop a personality when I'm least watching.  One in my YA WIP is doing that to me right now.  I'm learning to keep a notebook handy at all times.  If I stare straight at her, she goes all limp and lifeless.  But if I'm brushing my teeth without a pen nearby, BAM, that girl's got moxie out the wazoo.

*Your honor, I rest my case.


  1. Hilarious what you said about your characters developing when you don't look at them. I definitely got into some weird arguments with my love interest guy when I dove into revisions. He got sick of me making him behave a certain way: "I'd never say that. Please. I'm not that uptight. Gah! I'm not that much of a sap!"

    I had to learn to listen to him. And gosh, he's so much more real now. Less flirty, more deep and nuanced.

    Glad to hear your YA ms. is cooking!

  2. I loved the Muppets! And don't you love when that happens and characters develop their own personalities right in front of your eyes? It makes my job that much easier. It's always interesting to see that happen when you're not completely aware of it!

  3. I never was a fan of the muppets. *ducks* I find them a bit creepy...