Thousand Word Wednesday

I should let you know the quick story behind Thousand Word Wednesday before continuing.  My friend Mandy sent out an e-mail to my crit group a few weeks ago with a challenge.  Write 1,000 words the next day, and she would send us a treat.  Two of us did it.  And what a fun little treat it was--a mailer of chocolates and girly hand lotions.

That got me thinking about what even a little motivator, a free DVD rental, can do to spur someone on.  And since that's the one thing I seem to have quite a few of, that's what I am offering as a fun little incentive.  I shall say it one more time.  Ask not why, where, or how they were procured.

[ETA:  The deadline for this contest is midnight tonight, Google Standard Time a.k.a. Pacific.  And if you don't make it this week, don't worry!  I'm going to make this a weekly feature.]

And before I forget, HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!


  1. I probably won't make it since I offered myself up for crits last night, but the morning has brought out the can do spirit in me. :)

    Gung HO!!

  2. Well, you've already seen my stuff, so don't worry about critting it. There you go, that'll take care of 500 words right there. :)

  3. So what's the cutoff time? Because someone sent me a link to a blog that I can't seem to pull my eyes away from so I can write... ;) I'll come back later with some words to report. Just have to read one more post...

  4. Abby--That's horrible. A thousand lashes with a wet noodle to that person...oh, wait. Cutoff is midnight tonight. (It's going to be a weekly feature, though, so if you don't make it this week, no worries.)

    Angie--Yay! I'm glad I'm lighting fires under people!

  5. I swear I'm going to do this. After work...