Movie Trivia Tuesday: Easy Edition

It has come to my attention from some unnamed friends (ahem, Kristin and Mandy) that all some of my Movie Trivia Tuesday questions are ridiculously hard a bit too difficult.

So here is your question this week:

What is your favorite movie?

That's right.  Just tell me what your favorite movie is and you could win a free DVD Redbox rental.

So easy.  (Or is it?)

[ETA:  I've been checking the results off and on all day, and I just want to say that you all have some great taste in movies!]


  1. *wipes brow* Phew. That WAS easy:D

  2. I knowed this one!!! Fingers crossed

  3. I think I got it right. I might come back tomorrow to see if I have the same answer. ;)

  4. That was a hard question. I'm not even sure I answered it correctly, but my answer was definitely one of my faves.

  5. Oh, my gosh. I have to think about this... Just one, right? Wah.