Farewell, Movie Trivia Tuesday

A flame that burns so bright can only burn so long.  (Plus, this is supposed to be a writerly blog, so I need to focus my energies on writerly things.)

Here's the deal.  I like giving away things.  I have a fun little giveaway thing burning a hole in my purse right now as a matter of fact, but that's for a later post.  And I have a stack of DVD rental codes to give away.  Ask not how they came to be in my possession. No, ask not!

So let me introduce you to...

Thousand Word Wednesdays!

That's right.  All you have to do to be eligible to win a DVD rental code is write 1,000 words tomorrow.  They don't even have to be 1,000 good words.  I'll close the contest at midnight Google Standard Time (a.k.a. Pacific).  It's going to be on a scout's honor system.  Thursday, I'll pick a winner at random and announce who won.

And Thursday, the winner can enjoy a relaxing movie night on me.  I said, "Ask not!"


  1. The Pea seems to be feeling better (though I saw him pull at his ear this morning, and I groaned.) Hubbykins and I caught the virus (Hubbykins worse than me), but in adults, it's more just a bad cold than anything else. Blech.

  2. What a great motivator! Thanks!

    I'm glad everyone is feeling better at your house, we're still working through it here.

  3. This is such a great idea! Any motivation not to procrastinate is a good thing. :)

  4. Hows the little one?

    WHOA 1000 words

  5. Great idea! I think I can do that... Maybe. Lets just say my schedule is packed. But this is a great incentive to write!

  6. Jackee & Abby--Yay! I hope it helps you keep up with goals, even for just one day. I know I love those little treats that keep me moving forward.

    Liz--Much better, thanks! And, yes, you can!!!

    Elana--I'm going to make it a recurring feature, so if you miss it this week, no biggie!

  7. But ask I shall...how can I resist?

    I loved Movie Trivia but Thousand Word Wednesday's are much more productive :) Count me in!!

  8. Great goal setting, I'll get it written, for sure! And I hope the Pea is feeling better.

  9. I love this! Thanks, Karen!

    I'm glad you guys are feeling better. I just caught it last weekend, but I haven't been anywhere near as sick as my kids were with it. Gwenyth's had it for 3 weeks now, but she's almost over it.

  10. Mandy--lol! Don't make me come over and beat you!!

    Hayley--Thanks so much for asking! He's doing much better.

    Myrna--Blerg. It seems like everybody's been sick lately. I hope your whole family is well soon!