The Best Kind of Feedback

My crtique partner Kim and her daughter are beta reading (perhaps I should say "alpha" as this is the first draft.  Not just first draft...first draft, people.) my early MG just-finished manuscript.  Her daughter is eight-going-on-nine, and that is right in the age range I'm shooting for, so I've been very excited to hear feedback.

Just got this e-mail, and it made my night (I changed her daughter's name to "X" because I'm not sure how Kim feels about using it on the internet, but her daughter's name actually starts with "X", which is about the coolest thing ever in my most humble of opinions):

"X and I are about halfway through the book.  We are reading together since I didn't want to print it out and X was going to kick me off of the computer to read it.  We both LOVE it.  I'm putting a play by play of X's reactions so you can understand what girls that age think is funny (and there was a lot of giggling from her side of the couch.)  I'm also including places where she was confused.  Mostly words that didn't make sense to her.  

She was very upset tonight when she had to go to bed because she wanted to keep reading.  Just before I sent her off she whined, 'But it's sooooo good.'"
(And, just FYI, don't worry...Kim's not one of those kittens and unicorns critique partners that never finds anything wrong with my work.  When it's get-down-to-work time, she'll rip it open and dig out its entrails with the best of them.  But for tonight, I just need to bask in the thought of my words making a sweet girl giggle and beg her mom for a later bedtime.)


  1. That is wonderful. Bask, Karen, bask.

    I wish I had the nerve to let someone look at my first drafts. Maybe I'll get there eventually.

  2. awww wonderful feedback, doesn't it just give you a glow when someone you're righting for loves it. Sure your crits mate do, but when the intended audience is enthralled, that means you did your work and did it well!

    Very very proud of you!!

  3. Karen,

    I'm glad it made you smile. It is really good.

    We will finish it tonight.


    PS I picked X's name out when I was sixteen. My hubby just had to deal with it. :-)

  4. Sounds like you've found yourself a fangirl! Nothing is more gratifying than the approval of your target audience. It helps you stay motivated to keep digging deep and moving forward.

  5. Feedback from kids is always great. That's who we're ultimately writing for. Congrats on the great words!

  6. That truly IS the best kind of feedback!


  7. okay, does that make me the kittens and unicorns person? And, no, I'm not letting you see my Trapper Keeper. So there.

  8. There's nothing better than that. Congrats!

  9. That's great! Congratulations!