And The Winner Is...

Okay, before I announce the winner, my apologies for it taking me so long.  It's been a crazy week.

Without further adieu, the winner is...

Sarah Hamrick!!

(Although in order for her to claim her prize, I will need her to rank her entry, "The LOTR Trilogy" into sub-entries.  And, umm, yeah.  Those movies rock like a Mirkwood elf...cheeky lot.  Good pick.)

Good picks all around.  One of them is actually one of  MY all-time favorites.  Bonus Redbox code to the first person who can guess which movie it is.

Here are the contenders:
Two Weeks Notice
LOTR Trilogy
The Count of Monte Cristo
Lost in Austen
Stranger Than Fiction
Last of the Mohicans
Christmas Vacation
The Princess Bride


  1. Congrats to Sarah!

    And it's got to be Two Weeks Notice. *wink*

  2. Love that movie...but not my favorite. I actually wish they'd do another movie together. They had such good chemistry. Have you seen The Proposal yet?

  3. Princess Bride is my guess. Because I suspect we have very similar taste! :-) (Did you know there's a facebook group called "I frequently quote Princess Bride"?)

  4. Ohhhh, Orlando Bloom being heroic, mmmmmmm.

    Fellowship of the Ring

  5. I'm guessing that your favorite is Stardust. Though, really, I have no idea. :)

  6. Seriously, you guys have excellent taste in movies!

    I'll give you a hint...don't count any of them out. :)

  7. Count of Monte Cristo?

    Did I guess right from your hint??

  8. Bingo, Laurel!!

    I love that movie. And the book ain't shabby either. :)

  9. Congrats to Sarah! Thanks for the Orlando Bloom pic ;)

  10. Karen, I was actually going to say you were going a little easy on them for the movie trivia. But I've learned now from my observations of others' families that apparently not every family communicates completely by means of exchanging pop culture knowledge! Outrageous, right?

    This was the first movie question of which I wasn't completely sure. I think I'd narrowed it down to LOTR, Count, and Bride (if Pride and Prejudice is considered a mini-series). I just wasn't sure you would list the same one as your hubbykins.