101 Followers Giveaway!

I heart this giveaway prize because it's like spring exploded all over my dining room table.  (And Happy First Day of Spring, everybody, even though it's snowing hard outside my window as I type.)  Do I want to keep it for myself?  Yes.  Yes, I do.  But I shan't!

Okay, that's not entirely true.  The bracelet was handmade by my sister Ellen, and she made me one, too.  That's right.  Whoever wins this, we'll have matching bracelets.  ("Check it out!  We're bracelet buddies."  "That's what they'll call us." ~ 2 bonus entries to everyone who can name the T.V. show that's from.)

The prize pack consists of a clipboard, notebook, mousepad  tear-off to do list, and the bracelet.  (The only hint I'll give you:  "That's what they'll call us," is said very sarcastically.)
You know the drill...must enter through the form below.  Must be a follower.

+3 Already a Follower
+2 New Follower
+1 Tweet
+2 Facebook Post or Blog Sidebar
+5 Blog Post
+2 Guess the T.V. Show "Bracelet Buddies" is from
+2 Every NEW Follower You Recruit  (So if you're a new follower, be sure to let me know if someone referred you here.)
+1 Tallying up the points yourself (Hip hip huzzah to Beth Revis for giving me this idea!)

Contest ends April 17th.  I'll announce the winner Monday April 19th.

I appreciate all my followers so much!  For your comments, your encouragement--thank you.


  1. May I use your pictures in my blog post?

  2. Lovely contest, Karen! Your sister made a beautiful bracelet. Congrat's on all of the followers. :)

  3. Thanks, Karen! I just used the first one. Congrats on all of the followers, and thanks for the contest.

  4. Thanks for the great contest, and congrats on 101 followers!

  5. Cool prizes! Congrats on all your followers!

  6. Cool contest, Karen. And congrats on the triple digits!

    I'm so glad I've found your blog and have gotten to know you.