You Can't Go Back Friday

I woke up this morning cranky that the Pea didn't sleep well last night.  

And then this post about Kate McRae, a sweet, precious six year-old girl battling an aggressive brain tumor put everything into perspective.

Her parents can't go back to the time before their beautiful daughter got sick.  But we can pray for her to be healed and for them to be comforted as they make decisions that no parent should have to make.

Please join me in praying.


  1. That's a heartbreaking story and it really does put all of our little troubles in perspective. The article wasn't dated and the last date reference was Sept 29/09. Do you know if it is recent?

    I will join in to pray for little Kate and her family.

  2. The second link is actually to her current journal (updated today). She is starting an extremely aggressive chemo treatment today. It is excreted through the skin, and she will have to take a shower/wash her bedding/change her clothes every six hours, day and night.

  3. What a sad story...definitely puts things into perspective.

    This line got to me:
    "I wasn't up to seeing the reality of normal daily routines going on outside these hospital walls today."

    I think it sort of forces us to be grateful for our realities. So next time I find playdough ground into my carpet, I'll remind myself of this.

    Thanks for this, Karen.

  4. How awful. It definitely makes me think twice about complaining about my son (he's four and still doesn't sleep through the night). Thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm so glad you posted this. I've been praying for the family, and they can use all the prayers we can send them.

  6. Oh, how heart-breaking. She will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Other people's trials put our own into perspective.

  8. I need this post today - thank you xx