Movie Trivia Tuesday: Say Anything

In honor of both Valentine's Day and the upcoming So-Long Blogfest, I give you today's question.  A free Redbox DVD rental code is again up for grabs.

I'm even posting a picture to help you cheat.

What make and model of car does Lloyd Dobler drive in the movie Say Anything?
Yes, I realize I'm a tiny bit obsessed with this movie.
No, I have never made Hubbykins dress up like Lloyd Dobler.

I'll even give you another little clue.  The car was included in this rhyming "rap" in the movie:

Lloyd, Lloyd
All null and void.
He got ditched in the _______.
He don't know what-to-do.

As always, cheating is both welcome and encouraged.  


  1. I've never seen this one, but I cheated and came up with an answer. Have you seen Better Off Dead?