Movie Trivia Tuesday: 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon (and a bonus link to a birthday contest)

For this week's Movie Trivia Tuesday, name 6 movies in which Kevin Bacon has appeared.

Lookee there!  I'm even giving you the first one.

Up for grabs?  A free Redbox DVD rental code!

Want to win a slightly more fabulous prize, too?  Head over to Melissa @ i swim for oceans.  She's hosting a birthday bash giveaway with $25 Amazon gift card and 2 books up for grabs!


  1. That was fun! And harder than I thought! I could picture the movies, but it took a while to remember the names. I asked my husband for a couple names--I hope that's ok. I already had the movies in my head, just couldn't think of the title.


  2. It IS a lot harder than it looks, isn't it? :)

  3. oh, geeze, I don't have a clue!

  4. Tess, cheating is fine. I just do these for fun. :)

  5. Ha! You'll see from my answers that I haven't watched a Kevin Bacon movie in more than a decade! But I did used to like him a lot :)

  6. Sherry,
    Those are some of my favorites that he's done! He's just been in so many movies.

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