In Which I Almost Forget About My Own Blogfest

**Sheepish cowering.**

It's been a crazy few weeks.  In a good way.  I've spiffed up some manuscripts that needed polishing, chugged away on some WIPs that need finishing.  And, as I mentioned earlier, accepted that the blog may not get too much love right now.

If you'd like a chuckle, here is a (first draft) scene from my WIP in which the main character discusses breaking up with her Math Camp boyfriend (who you may remember from my No Kiss Blogfest post):

“Well, you did break up with him by Twitter.”
            “Only because you told me to!” I hissed into my cell phone.  I was the only person in the girl’s locker room, but I still felt the need to whisper.  Jen spent the first five minutes of our conversation saying, “Calm down, calm down, calm down.”  Her consolation that “Maybe he doesn’t even remember you,” wasn’t quite the soothing balm my soul needed.
            Any worries I had of how to steer clear of him were soon alleviated.  After his one-word acknowledgement of my existence in the cafeteria, he avoided me like I was a carrier of the bubonic plague.  Coach Moore didn’t question my refusal to dress out for P.E., the first of two classes Wentz and I had together.  By God’s good grace, it coincided with Jen’s lunch period since she was an hour behind me.
            “I may have advised you to reconsider your relationship with him.  But I did not tell you to break up with him via Twitter,” she said.
            “Yes, you did!  You said, and I quote, ‘Just rip off the bandage fast—like a Tweet.’”
            “Like a Tweet.  Not by actual Tweet.”
            “And how was I supposed to know that?”
            “Who breaks up with someone in less than 140 characters?”
            “Who breaks up with someone like Wentz, period?”


  1. Ha, ha. Even the title of your post got me laughing!

  2. I love it! LOL!! I'm glad you remebered your blogfest. Ha ha. :-)

  3. Karen, This was one of my favorite scenes. I can't wait to see what you've done with the rest of the book.

  4. lol, cute scene. It would totally suck to be broken up with via twitter.

  5. LOL how bad am I???? I *DID* forget the blogfest and I'm signed up for it. Oops I'll make it up, I promise.

  6. What a great scene! Thanks for sharing it!

  7. That's so cool! So real and modern :) funny :)

  8. Thanks, guys! I debated posting it since it's so first drafty...I can feel a strong breeze blowing through it. I appreciate the encouraging words, though!