The Final Day of Olympics Fever

And I'm so very sad about it*.  I always go through a bit of Olympics withdrawal when they end, because let's face it, it will be another four years before I'll get to watch awesome local news coverage about the curling league in our little corner of Arkansas. (Yes, you read that right.)

My favorite part of the Olympics is watching some of the more obscure events or the lower-ranked athletes within the higher profile events.  Sometimes, the difference between the gold medal and 37th place is a matter of minutes...or seconds.  That 37th ranked Olympian?  She has probably trained just as long (or longer), just as hard (or harder) as the gold medalist.  And he probably wants it just as bad (or many medals can you have lying around before it's just another thing to dust, Apolo Anton Ohno?)

Oh, the writing analogies.  There's the obvious--seeing the podiumed athletes as those who have been published.  Or even seeing them as the superstars of publishing.  Basically, those who have gotten the stamp in their writing passport that says "Good Job", whatever that means to different people.

Or maybe it's just meeting a goal, finishing what you start, working up the courage to submit.
I don't know.

But I do know this.  Whatever it is, it takes three things.  Power, love, and self-discipline.  I applaud that, and I commit to it in my own life.

So you know what, Kelime Cetinkaya of Turkey, who placed 53rd in the Women's Individual Cross-Country Sprint?  I think you're pretty awesome.  And you can bet your bippy that your mom does, too.

*Yes, I realize that the Olympics don't technically end until tomorrow, but I don't count the Closing Ceremonies/half-day.  My apologies to any athlete competing on Sunday.


  1. That's right! The athlete who comes in 53rd or 47th are all amazing as well. Three cheers to all of them!

  2. I didn't watch them this time around, but my family did. What an opportunity for the world to put their differences aside and enjoy something as a whole.

  3. well said. and I, too, will miss the Olympics. but man did my writing suffer these past two weeks!

  4. I loved the closing ceremonies, especially the parts about the Canadian stereotypes. Until then, I hadn't realize how true they are. I am Canadian.

    I agree with you about the placements. Those athletes have also trained hard and made tons of sacrifies. Not everyone can be first. And Kelime Cetinkaya is a much better skier than the majority of Canadians or Americans who are nordic skiers. That's why she was in the Olympics and I wasn't.