Fight Club

Am I the only one who feels like she's standing in a playground circle with other bloggers today shouting, "Fight! Fight! Fight!"?

I love reading all these fight scenes in the Fight Scene Blogfest hosted by Mireyah Wolfe over at Crimson Ink.  Alas, I do not have one to share.  My kitteh picture will have to do.

Also, thanks for the outpouring of empathy this weekend.  The cabin fever's been bad, I tell you, but it's above freezing today so I have hope for melting.

Two orders of business:
I've changed the date of the So Long Blogfest from February 15th to February 18th....because when you think about it, what self-respecting girl would break up with someone the day after Valentine's Day?  Nope, gotta wait a few days.  Keep it classy.

Also, don't forget to stop by tomorrow for your chance to win a fun little prize in my new weekly feature:  Movie Trivia Tuesdays.  (Hint:  there is trivia about movies involved.)


  1. I know! Aren't they adorable?

  2. that's the greatest pic ever!!

  3. I missed the fight scenes, I guess. Will have to do a little searching as it sounds like fun :D

  4. I didn't know about the fight scenes, but your kittens are so cute.

  5. Cute picture! Nice blog. I will be back see your posts.

  6. I think with the squirrel picture and now the kitties, I've become the "cute animal picture" blog. Oh, wait. That's Cute Overload. :)

    Christine--Welcome! I'm glad you like it. Stop by any time.

    Marybeth--I know! I'm excited! I read your post today. You should get your juices flowing by writing a good breakup scene for the blogfest. :)