Did I Mention I Have Olympic Fever?

I've got it bad.

Hannah Kearney & Shannon Bahrke, you had me at helmet pigtails and pink hair.


  1. You and my wife too! She is an Olympic nut. What she doesn't watch live, she DVR's to watch later. *Sigh*

  2. My husband and daughter have been watching it obsessively. I haven't had enough time, but they look wonderful. With all the snow we're getting, it almost feels like they could be happening in our garden. Well, if our garden were just a notch bigger.

  3. How do I miss all the cool hair? Probably because my husband has the remote superglued to his mitts. I've seen lots of blurring snow as he checks in and makes his way five channels over to the History Channel, followed by Cops. Blah.