You Can't Go Back Fridays: Snow Days

Oh, to be young and driver's licenseless.

Note:  Everyone in the north, please try to stifle your laughter throughout this post lest you alarm your co-workers and/or family.

Southerners, you know what I'm talking about.  A flake falls from the sky, and sake's alive, driving skills and common sense fly out the window.  And I'm not pointing fingers.  I stand guilty.

But remember snow days?  (I wish I had a fancy text editor because I would surround those words with sparkles and unicorns.)

Roads slick?  Do not care!
Mild frostbite?  Nothing hot chocolate can't cure!
Going to school into July?  Summer shmummer!

Nothing can go wrong on snow days!

And then, reality came crashing in on me in seventh grade when the neighborhood gang went sledding after an ice storm and one of the kids broke his leg. Not like a hairline fracture.  Broke.  There's nothing like a sixth grader screaming profanities for two hours straight to forever change the way you view snow days.  Snow days.

I'm feeling especially anti-winter right now because a massive winter storm is barricading me in my house, keeping me from going to the Austin SCBWI Conference with Kristin and Mandy this weekend.  Bleh.

If anyone is going, please e-mail me!  I'd love to chat with you about it.  


  1. I'll swap you for some of this sticky heat and humidity.
    That sucks that you can't get to the conference though.

  2. So sorry you're missing your conference!

    When I taught in Fairfax County (VA), if one flake fell form the sky, school closed down. Once, when we got a report that snow was falling 40 minutes away, we closed! I guess being the 7th largest district in the nation had something to do with it (sharing buses meant those drivers had to start early to get everyone home), but, wow. Amazing.

  3. I LOVE a good snow day. It means a day off of work! :-)

  4. Love this photo! We don't have snow days, but we did have a storm day, wind and rain. My son got to stay home because his school is an hour drive. He was thrilled!

  5. You are much braver than me...I don't want to here about how much fun everyone in Austin is having. At least not today, maybe Sunday, lol

  6. That sucks! I'm sorry! Hope you at least get some good hot cocoa and a nap or something.

  7. you coming to atlanta for springmingle?

  8. Even when I lived in Baltimore, they freaked over the snow. In Cleveland, the plows are out at 4 AM getting ready for every school day. Poor kids.

    I'm sorry about the conference. That sucks!

  9. Thanks for the sympathy!

    Marybeth--I know!

    Tabitha--I don't know why, but I deal with heat and humidity (which we have here as well) so much better than snow. Anything frozen just scares the peewilligers out of me.

    Caroline--Yes, many schools called off for today before the roads were even bad, but it was like 100% chance of snow.

    Shannon--I love your sweet is pretty.

    Alisa--now I have to go see where you live. It sounds fabulous.

    Mandy--Sigh. What can I say?

    LMJ--I'm going to post an update. Then you'll understand how my day went. :(

    Shelli--I have a trip to Atlanta this spring, but I haven't picked when yet. When is SpringMingle?

    LiLa--That would almost be worse.

  10. Alisa--Hubbykins went to school at Sonoma State. And, yeah, talk about some dreamy weather!

  11. You have the best cute animal photos!