You Can't Go Back Friday

You can go back here to see what this weekly feature is all about.  But you can't go back to capture the magic and wonder that was Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman (a.k.a. The Best Heartwarming Feminist Medical Drama Set In the Old West EVER).

First, I feel the need to confess a little something.  There were two reasons I watched DQ: MW.  One had wavy, long, perfectly highlighted & tousled hair and played Dr. Micheala* Quinn's love interest on the show.  I believe the actor's name was Joe Lando.  He shall henceforth be known only as Sully of the manly Sullies.**  The other was her teenage son.  Can't remember his name on the show.  The actor was Chad Somethingorother.  And I read recently that he shall forever remain on my list of poorly chosen celebrity crushes along with Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris (ha ha, Adam Lambert, couldn't get one past this girl!)

The thing I loved about Dr. Quinn was it was clean, wholesome, and every third show was "a very special" episode.

Basically, a female doctor from a wealthy family moves from Boston to Colorado in the late 1800's to become the town doctor (in Colorado SpringsManitou Springs?  near Denver somewhere).  She takes in three orphans in the first episode and eventually adopts them.

Allen!  Chad Allen.  Just remembered.  He played the oldest boy.  There was a middle daughter who changed actresses in the last season of the show and a scrappy little boy named Brian who was always getting into scrapes.  Usually with wild animals.  But I'll get back to that.

There were various cliche townsfolk:  crotchety storekeeper, busybody restauranteur, wise Native American.

And a smoldering, protective Grizzly Adams type*** coming in and out of her life.  There were several seasons of sexual tension, then she and Sully got married.

Here are the only three specific episodes I remember...
1.) Town busybody Myra (who by this point had hooked up with crotchety storekeeper) gets breast cancer.  Dr. Q. talks her into considering a new procedure called a masectomy.  Myra worries more about how she'll look post-masectomy than about the cancer itself.  Ummm, ARE YOU SERIOUS?  I would be much more concerned about going into surgery in the late 1800's.  (She's fine at the end.)

2.) Brian refuses to let Sully put down his dog after the dog gets bitten by a wild animal.  Dog then proceeds to bite Chad Allen's new Swedish wife and give. her. rabies.  I bawled.

3.) The wedding episode was very sweet.  Then, all of a sudden, it's bow-chicka-wow-wow as they're headed off to their honeymoon in a railroad sleeper car.

Looking back, I don't know why I loved this show so much.  It was cheesy, but in the best possible way.  And, oh dear, just searching through Google Images for a picture for my post, I want to watch it from beginning to end.  That would be breaking the cardinal rule of "You Can't Go Back Friday", but I don't know if I'll be able to stop myself.

*Mikayla? McKeyla?  I have no idea how you spell it.
**Seriously, he had a wolf for a pet.  A wolf.
***Did I mention he had a WOLF for a pet?

[shout-out to Marybeth over at Desperately Seaching for My Inner Mary Poppins for bringing this show to mind with a recent post of hers.]

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  1. Oh my god you are a woman after my own heart! I could TOTALLY write an entire post dedicated to Dr. Quinn.

    Ok so it was Michaela Quinn. I know this because since the day I started watching the show I vowed to name my first daughter Michaela. So I took note of EVERY sign on the show showing her name. THUS My first daughters name IS Mikayla, but in order to get it past the husband committee I had to change the spelling so I could convince him that we could call her Kayla, and for some reason or another he still seems to think HE named her. Yeah um no. I even named my friends dog Michaela because I was so obsessed with the name.

    Number two...I was IN LOVE with Sully. He was nummy. He was always there just in the nick of time. It was perfect.

    Number three...episodes I remember the most

    The one where Sully got a migraine and confessed is love to Dr. Mike

    The one where they went to Boston to visit her family and Sully just "showed" up.

    Number four...I actually have in a journal somewhere a paper with all the Dr. Quinn sayings my girlfriend and I would walk around saying.

    I was twelve...we were dorks!

    Ok I'll stop now. Don't even get me started on The Adventures of Louis and Clark! (Um yummy Dean Cain!!!)

  2. OH MY GOSH...I LOVED LOIS & CLARK!!! That is one that I did go back and watch.

    Dang it. I'm going to have to rewatch Dr. Quinn now. There's no way around it. Dang that Sully!

    See, I knew you were cool, Marybeth, and you just shot up 3 points in my book.

  3. My friend Emily and I used to watch Dr. Quinn when we were babysitting her baby sister on Saturday nights (of Fridays, I can't remember when it was on). Good, wholesome family fun!

  4. I never watched this show faithfully, but there was an episode once where the oldest boy's fiancee died. Wow. I bawled through it.

    Was there a wolf involved? Vague memories of something like that.

  5. Chad Allen is all I'm going to say. I think I ripped his picture out of my friend's BOP magazine.

  6. lol hey sunny girl, you're right I love this post. What I remember most was my Grandma Jenny had the hots for Sully. She was not the milk and cookies grandma, she worked in a liquor store till she died in her eighties...long story short...she loved to talk about how much she loved Sully, ha ha ha

  7. I never saw it, but now I wish I had. :) I know you won't be getting this comment for some time, but I'm just letting you know that you won the Happy award over on my blog:

  8. OMG I LOVED DR. QUINN! How random that just today I was thinking about a particular episode, too. And last month I was at my local mall, I walked in the doors, heard a voice, saw the crowd, said to myself, "Let's just take a peek at who that could be." And it was Jane Seymour, IN PERSON, talking and signing stuff. I freaked out saying to my friend, "IT'S DR. MIKE! IT'S DR. MIKE!" I immediately called my mom and yelled at her that I had just seen THE Medicine Woman. Sigh. Great show. I hope they do a reunion movie or something.

    My Blog

  9. I agree with Marybeth, you are a woman after my own heart. I absolutely <3'd this show. I watched it religiously and constantly drooled over Sully. I even named my dog Sully!

    Oh, hi, I'm Dawn over from Marybeth's post >.< I'm a fellow mom, writer and all around mouth of the south. You, as general sassypants and I should get along well :D