Pampered Reader Follower Contest (That Pays It Forward)

I was going to wait until Monday to start this, but I just can't!  And, yes, I am pretty excited about my first giveaway if you can't tell.

Since most of my followers are writers (and therefore readers), I decided to put together a little pinkalicious pampering package for readers.

Note to male readers:  I realize this is really pink.  But you should still enter.  It would make a girl in your life happy.
It includes:
-a booklight (I couldn't find one in pink, and, yes, that bothers me a little)
-a set of three beribboned bookmarks
-a pretty journal in which to write your thoughts
-decorative kleenex (very useful for tearjerkers)

-chocolate!!!  (very useful no matter what...actual chocolate count may differ slightly from the picture...don't you judge me!)
-a pink box to hold all your goodies (the box is actually repurposed from an old stationary box, but with a pleasant result if I might say so myself)

And ALL you have to do to win this prize is enter!

A few caveats (yeah, I know, I'm sorry):

1. This contest is only open to followers of this blog.  Not a follower yet?  No problem.  Move your mouse over to the right hand side, click "follow", there.  Now you can go enter.

2. This contest is only open to people living in North America.  (I'm sorry to my international readers.  No, I really am.  Blame the USPS)

3.  If you win, you have to promise to fill the box up with goodies and pass it on to bless someone else (and get the same promise from them).

That's it.

But, wait!  There's more!!!

If you want more chances to win, there are a few things you can do:
a.) Go over to my sister Ellen's blog and become a follower over there, too.  (+1 extra chance)
b.) Link to this contest in a blog post (+4)
c.) Tweet the link (+2)
d.) Post the link on other social networking sites (Facebook, chat rooms, etc.)  (+2/post)
e.) Special mystery bonus question (guess it right...+5)

***This is an important part.  You have to enter the contest through the form below (I'm the only one who will be able to see the answers).  Entries will NOT be counted through the comments section.***

Whew.  I think that's it.  You have until January 19th to enter.  I'll announce the winner on the 20th.

I can't wait to find out who wins it!!

(P.S. Yes, I realize that blogger doesn't like that form.  Some of it is cut off.  Blerg.  If you have any trouble filling it out, let me know.)


  1. Thanks for having the contest! I love contests!

  2. You have no idea how much I'd love to win this one! Awesome contest, Karen! (and you're sister is lucky to have you)

    Fingers and toes crossed, fairy dust sprinkled, salt over shoulder... :-)

  3. You guys BOTH guessed my middle name right!

  4. Excellent - I need those 5 points if I'm gonna win me that pretty pink package! :)

  5. What are the odds? Ha ha, I told you I thought it fit you! :)

  6. I'm fairly certain I already know your middle name. I think I'll sit this one out. Especially since I just won a gift certificate from Rhea Lana's yesterday and am still riding that glorious victory out.

    Good luck to all!

  7. anything for chocolate, right?

  8. Love that prize - wishing I didn't live in Australia right now... (just kidding)

  9. Megan--Ooh! I didn't even know they were having a contest. Very fun!

    Kristin--True dat.

    Michelle--It *especially* kills me about my Australian readers. You guys are a cool bunch. :)

  10. Elana, thanks for catching the accidental required question!

  11. This is a great contest, and the chocolate looks scrumptious, how can you bare to park with any of it?

  12. Cute stuff in the giveaway! The form isn't working. The submit button isn't showing up. But no worries. I'm just a follower. Was the question to guess your middle name?

  13. Ooh, great contest and I really need a book light!

  14. Hayley--I had to hide it from myself for that very reason. :)

    Sherry--Oh, no! I'll add you to the spreadsheet, and, yes, the bonus question is to guess my middle name. You can e-mail me your answer if the form is still not working.


  15. I am so glad I found your cleverly written blog

  16. Great contest and I love your sister's blog!


  17. I don't know quite how I missed this contest before! But I've got you down in my blogpost "Poetry?" now! I love that you expect it to be paid forward. Such a great community-building idea.

  18. ok but help, I know not how to tweet nor its purpose. I'm a willing student tho..

  19. Yeah! I'm follower and I live in Iowa...just incase you've never heard of the place it's above Missouri and below Minnesota. :)

    I love how you are asking the winner to reuse the box...very cute!

  20. Shelby, I'm unfortunately a complete twitter loser. I tweet twice a month, so I probably won't be of any help. :(

    Sharon, I've been through Iowa many a time. My parents lived in Minnesota for several years, and I live in Arkansas, so I've had many a drive up 71. :)

    Emma & Carolina, Thanks!!