An Open Letter to Winter

Dear Winter,
I realize this is a little awkward since you only officially got here a few weeks ago, but...ummm...yeah...I'm going to need to ask  you to skedaddle.  You're just a little too intense for me.  This week, you're bordering on stalkerish.

What I'm saying's not me.  It's you.

No hard feelings?


On a related note, I think the Pea and I are both suffering from a raging case of cabin fever.  And I pinpointed it this morning as I was trying to wrangle the Pea into his red sweater--the occupation which being a toddler mom most closely resembles:

(But with slightly less destruction.  Slightly.)


  1. I am also ready for relatives to skedaddle, too. Shhhhh...

  2. Yeah, that's like a double dose of cabin fever.

  3. hilarious. we are praying for snow here so kids can have one day.

  4. Shelli, the worst of it is we only got a little dusting of snow (and it's too cold to play outside anyway) with a sheet of ice. It is just c-o-l-d. Skull-numbing cold.

  5. OH no!
    It never gets that cold here - the worst we get is a week or two of rain - but I do live in paradise!