New Feature: You Can't Go Back Friday

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Over Christmas at my parents' house, I sat around and whined reminisced about wanting (and never receiving) an E-Z Bake Oven growing up.  Actually, "want" is too wimpy a word.  I craved, coveted, longed for an E-Z Bake Oven.

Then, for my 23rd birthday, a friend of mine gave me one.  After squeeing for the rest of the afternoon, I went home and made some brownies.  I learned two important lessons that day:

1.  There's a reason that real ovens don't come with heating element options of gas, electric, convection, and...lightbulb.

2. Some things are better left in that wispy, wondrous place in your mind known as nostalgia.

And so, without further ado, a new feature of Novels During Naptime...

YOU CAN'T GO BACK FRIDAYs in which I present to you a piece of pop culture from the past that I adored at the time and am afraid to re-watch/listen to/read/experience in the fear that it will be ruined for me.

Here's the catch:  Said piece of nostalgia will be presented exactly as I remember it from my 6/8/12/whatever year-old mind.  In other words, I will not be referencing wikipedia, IMDB, my older sister, my younger sister, Google, etc. before posting.  Feel free to fill in gaps and point out inaccuracies, of which there will be many*.

First up: "The Boy Who Could Fly" (a.k.a. the best inspirational quasi-paranormal/sci-fi movie EVER)

This came out in the...hmmm....late '80s.  It starred the guy** who played Alan Thicke's robot son in the T.V. movies about being a teenage robot ("Almost Human" is ringing a bell) and the girl who looks like a cross between a young, perky Elisabeth Shue and Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

Basically, a boy who can't speak shows up out of nowhere and a family takes him in.  He immediately falls in love with their teenage daughter but can't express the way he feels.  He can fly, though, so to express his love for the girl, he takes her flying in a nightgown (she was wearing the nightgown, not him).

I remember him making puppy dog eyes a lot.

I think there was a funny scene where everyone's playing catch, and he flies up to catch the ball.

The military finds out about him and wants to run invasive experiments on him.  The girl helps him escape.

And I think he was an alien, so...he escaped to outer space?  I guess??

The important thing is, I loved it.

*There's also a very real possibility that I'm mixing a good portion of this plot up with "Short Circuit".

**I saw the actor a few years ago in a McDonald's commercial, and it made me really, really sad.  I think his name was Jay Something.


  1. The cover alone is enough to make me snarf!

    Love this idea. And OMG Short Circuit is one of the best movies EVER!

  2. Johnny Five....oh I loved me some short circuit and I vaguely remember the boy who could fly.

    lol this is fun and such a cool idea. Can't wait to see what next week is.

  3. He lived next door. Eric!!! That was his name. His grandfather (Ed Wynn-- the dad from The Munsters) was raising him because his parents died in a plane crash when he was three, and he never spoke another word.

    Her family was just her mom and her brother (divorce, I think? maybe?) and her brother was obsessive about the military and escaping the neighborhood bullies on his Big Wheel.

    At the end, Eric takes her flying and then flies off into the sunset.

    Wow. I remembered a LOT. We watched that movie a ton, though, and I was a bit older....

  4. Jay Underwood. I think.

    All this from memory, too!!! I swear I did not Google.

  5. Oh, one more thing... he doesn't fly up to catch the ball, dodo. He simply reaches up and catches it before it hits Lucy's head (remembered the girl's name too!) It was such a big deal because he was completely unresponsive to any stimuli, then suddenly he's protective of her.

  6. Marybeth and Mandy--Glad you enjoyed it. I already have the next few Fridays planned. :)

    Ellen--See, this is why I keep you around (and for inspiration). I do remember the Big Wheels brother and he talked on a walkie-talkie all the time.

    My prevalent memory of this is just having warm-fuzzies as I watched it.

  7. I don't remember that movie, but I do remember Short Circuit! We loved that as kids!

  8. Great idea! I have never heard of this movie, and I'm an 80's girl. Hmmm, I wonder why I missed it. Maybe because I was too busy being in love with Nicholas Cage in Valley Girl. *sigh + drool*

  9. I liked Short Circuit. I didn't ever see The Boy Who Could Fly.

    And as for the EZ-Bake, um, yeah. The real ovens are way better :)

  10. LOL about the ezy bake oven. :) Huge smiles over here.

    I loved the boy who could fly. Great movie. good times :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to being back on Monday.