My Unfounded Fear

I have a secret, recurring fear, and I'm curious if any of my readers share it.

Everytime I get an idea for a new picture book manuscript, I always wonder/worry, "Is this the last good idea I'm going to have?"  I have no concrete reason to have this concern.  The idea fountain hasn't dried up yet.

But I always worry a little.

There's just something so exhilirating when that spark ignites.  It happened yesterday, and it's

Of course, I should be working on my YA WIP.  I've given myself a deadline (which is not looking hopeful) of February 2nd.  I want that Groundhog to pop out of its hole and see my completed manuscript.  But that's going to be a hard deadline to meet when a small sheep is prancing around in my brain doing really funny things to distract me.

I'm not complaining, though!  I'm thankful that the ideas keep coming.


  1. I share your worry that I brought out all the best I had to give in my WIP and won't be able to dream up anything else quite as good. But then I remember all the ideas stuffed in a drawer I haven't yet touched and the feeling fades. Keeping an idea file is your best defense.

    BTW, I have a gift for you over at my blog.

  2. I always worry about 2 things:
    1. I will forget it before I can accomplish it.
    2. It has been done before. (Which it probably has, but I mean better than I can do it...which it probably has...oh why do I do this?)

    Fear sucks.


  3. I get this fear all the time. It's awful. Good luck on meeting your goals with your YA!

  4. I share your worry as well, but an even greater worry for me? That someone else has come up with my ideas first. I suppose it's insecurity that keeps me locked into this fear, but too, I think when you stumble upon a really great idea, you can't help but wonder how it is no one else has thought of it.

    By the way, I followed you from Laurel's Leaves ;)

  5. Laurel--Very good idea. I have an idea folder, but usually by the time I come back to something, I can't figure out what I was thinking in the first place. Probably a good sign that it wasn't meant to be.

    Michele--I agree. Fear does suck.


    Carolina--Welcome! I should probably spend more time worrying about that, but my ideas are usually a bit off the wall. I've only had one idea with legs that I was shocked no one had thought of before.

  6. Yay! Another PB writer! I hopped over from Laurel's blog, and I'm so glad I did. :-)

  7. In the famous words of Paul Atredes (hope I spelled that right) "Fear is the mind killer."

    My problem is I always have too many story ideas! I don't think anyone's ideas will ever just dry up.

  8. I worry about that too sometimes. But my problem is that I have too many ideas sometimes, I'll go months without a good idea and then I'll get slammed with a bunch I like, I always worry that I'll have a problem with picking the right idea. You know, picking the good ideas from the ones that are just trash but look shinny on the outside.

    I think it is something that all writers worry about.

  9. I worry that I am not the best teller of the story when I first get started on fiction. The characters have to grow into themselves before I am propelled forward. It is scary stuff to be typing out dialogue and worried that it is awful before I'm even done with first draft.

  10. I just have to say, I feel very understood right now. And in good company.