NaNo Nuggets

-Google Reader is the natural enemy of productivity, yet I love it so.  Solution?  "Mark All As Read" at least thrice a day.  Reader takeaway?  Give your blog posts interesting titles if you want to draw me in.

-NaNoWriMo makes for a good practice novel.  (I bristled at this concept in the past, but I can see its value now.)

-You have to LOVE your characters to write 50K words about them.  Or just be extremely stubborn.

-NaNoWriMo is the natural enemy of eating healthy.  I do not want to discuss how many white fudge covered Oreos I ate last month.  Answer?  Too many.

-It was surprisingly easy to maintain some semblance of balance in my life over the month.  I threshed out the chaff (long blog posts...both reading and writing them, piddling around, sleeping) and kept the good stuff (hanging out with Hubbykins, playing with Pea, time with friends).  Cleaning flew out the window, but I'm still deciding if that is wheat or chaff.

-I'm not one of those writers who can leave misspelled words, blatantly poor grammar, and typos in their wake.  I just can't.

-I'm also not one of those writers who can write without an outline.

-In any given project, the temptation to cheat on your WIP will arise.  Fight this urge.  Fight it!

-I am a YA writer at heart.  (Not surprising, as I am secretly a 14 year-old girl)

Any other recovering NaNoers out there?


  1. *raises hand*

    Yay for finishing NaNo!! It sure isn't easy, but so rewarding. Isn't it? :)

  2. So honest! I am not a NaNo, but I applaud your honesty! In fact I award you the Honest Scrap award, you can pick up at my blog!


  3. Did you get the package yet? I sent in on Monday!

  4. "Cleaning flew out the window, but I'm still deciding if that is wheat or chaff." LOL.

  5. Not a nano recoveree, but wanted to say I am fifteen at heart. YA all the way through. Funny thing is, as a true YA, I only read books from the adult section!

  6. Bethany,
    Ha! That's so true. My critique group and I discuss this often...what age a protagonist needs to be to actually appeal to teens.

  7. OMG, we're secretly 16-year-olds. We should start a secret club or something.

  8. I hear you on the not outlining and poor eating habits. Now to lose the spare tire from Nano...

  9. I didn't participate, but I was cheering you guys on! It's great that you not only have 50K words, but that you were able to pull gems from the experience.

  10. YAY to NANO, this year was my first and I felt it was an achievemnt!
    Giggling about the oreos, I got pimples from eating so much chocolate!
    Think I'm a 20 something at heart. (teens weren't good for me)

    Enjoyed reading your post.