First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes....

It's official Kissing Day Blogfest.  I was actually not aware of this until I opened Google Reader this morning, and it was like a Harlequin novel had exploded in there (in a good way).

Confession:  I am horrible at writing kissing scenes.  My NaNo kissing scenes were the equivalent of a chin bump and too much tongue.  I haven't worked up the nerve to attack the kiss in my WIP.

So here's a bit of off-the-top-of-my-head memoir (I'm feeling sentimental):

I'm so thankful that I didn't listen to the attachment parenting women who said, "Don't let the nurses wipe off the goop before they hand him to you!  The goop helps him bond to you."  Of course, at the time, all I could think was, "Is the shaking normal?  They didn't mention the shaking in the prepared childbirth course.  Or did they?"

And then, there he was.

At which point, all I could focus on was, "Must. Not. Drop. Baby."  Followed quickly by, "So thankful I let them wipe him off."

The first thing that struck me about him was the perfection of his ears.  Like little squished and shriveled apricots, but perfect, with tiny tufts of fuzz on the top.  Everything was tiny.

Then, I kissed him on the top of that tiny head.  On the spot I recognized immediately as the one I'd been waiting my whole life to kiss.  Hoping for.  Praying for.  The spot that God designed for my smooch.

And I realized for the first time I was truly a Mom.  Because I would have kissed it even if he was goopy.


  1. Awww, so sweet! This week, I dreamed my daughter was a baby again and I could just carry her around with me and breathe in her newness. She even did the baby giggle in my dream. Baby love is awesome. <3

    I have something for you over at my blog.

  2. Love your last line! beautiful!

  3. Oh that's sweet!! And boy do I know that feeling - x 5 :-)

  4. Sweet! Know what you mean about the goop and yes I'd have kissed them anyway too.

  5. Awww...that was so sweet. Every mom can relate to this. :)

  6. That was just too precious. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Aww, too sweet. :) And I love the name of your blog. My novels so get written during naptime, too.

  8. For the longest time my daughter would give everyone these sloppy, open-mouthed kisses. Just recently, she's begun to close her mouth and eyes as she kisses. It's the cutest thing, but I never really minded the wet ones either!

    I love your post. It made me think about the first time I saw my daughter.

  9. Absolutely lovely - there is nothing more precious than that moment. xx

  10. love this take on kissing day blogfest. so true....i'd kiss my little girl no matter what.
    thanks for sharing!

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  11. great job, Karen. I've loved reading so many of the entries.

  12. That was so beautiful, goop included.

    Thanks for this!

    I feel the same way about sex scenes as you do about kissing scenes. And I hate writing them, but I feel like I have to, to stretch myself, to destroy the adversary!

    Good luck with your WIP!

  13. Thank you, everybody, for your sweet words! (And, yes, the Pea is in the "just learning how to kiss" stage right now. Lots of open-mouthed "nyahhing" going on.)

    I'll work up the moxie to share a kissing scene once it's written. Oooh, maybe I'll host a contest to celebrate my cowardice!

  14. Oh yes! The Mommy Kiss! And you did it beautifully! Thanks so much for sharing in the kissing party...I LOVED your take on it!