Best of the Worst: Part 1...Fashion Trends

A new decade is upon us.  Nathan Bransford has posted his favorite books of the aughts over on his blog.  And this got me to thinking about the decade.  A lot has happened.

So from now until New Year's, I will explore the Best of the Worst.  Topic one:  Fashion Trends!

Oh, there are so many to choose from.

Uggs.  Small dogs.  Giant sunglasses.  Maxi dresses.  Crocs. I secretly heart them.  Leggings (oh, the leggings).

And the winner is...

The metrosexual man scarf.

So sorry if I've offended any of my scarf-lovin' male readers.

What about you, readers?  What tops your Who Would Wear That?? list for the decade?


  1. I don't know what a maxi dress is, but that's not surprising as I can't remember the last time I even wore a dress.

    I don't wear leggings, but my baby does, and she looks fab in them in my opinion.

  2. I feel I should the little girl leggings. It's just adult women that they transform the legs into either chicken appendages or tree trunks.

    That's right! I said it.

  3. I think it has to be leggins on grown women...Or crocs on adults...I just don't understand these trends on people older than twelve.

    Fun post!


  4. Man scarves or marves as we like to call them are a travesty. But you know how I feel about Uggs. Oh and I totally wear leggings, but only with dresses and riding boots. Surely that doesn't count? Ha!

    This is such a fun post!

  5. I'd go with the wrist/ arm warmers. Or the grown up leg warmers. Even though I'd love to have some on right now. It's cold in here!

    The man scarf scares me.

  6. Oh, no worries, Karen. I didn't think you were speaking of baby leggings anyway. I actually was trying (quite badly, I might add) to suggest that babies can get away with certain looks that adults cannot.

  7. Ok, so I kinda have the hots for boys with scarves, or marves, with the exception of the one that had label whore stuff all over his. It was very nautical, very either Tommy Hilfiger or Polo and I just couldn't stand it. The rest of them? Give me some bed head, a marve and a slouchy jean and I'm crushing like a school girl.

    Oh, and I heart Uggs, but only in the snow.

    Crocs? Not so much. I must have standards.

  8. I reckon there's about 1 in 500 men who could wear the man scaff well.
    What about when fashion goes wrong... like short t-shirts with leggings...
    crocs??? thongs(flipflops)are way better!

  9. In defense of the Crocs...which I feel are not getting the proper level of respect in the comments :)...when one is pregnant with a ten pound baby and has gained 40 (okay, fine, almost 60!) pounds and has cankles the size of yule logs, they are wearable and comfortable.

    Dang, are they comfortable!

  10. i loooooovvvvvvveeeee my Uggs!

  11. I've never actually worn a pair of Uggs, and the main reason for that is I'm afraid if I put them on, I would refuse to take them off. Ever. They look so comfy.

    But if I did get a pair of Uggs, they would have to be pink.