I Know This Is Normal But....

I need to whine a little.

I feel like I'm having to drudge every word out of my brain syllable by syllable.  The past two days have just been rough.

And it doesn't help that the Pea has chosen this week to stop napping well.  It puts a bit of a kink in writing novels during naptime when naptime has gotten chopped in half.

Okay, I'm done pouting.  I'll get back to writing.


  1. uh yeah...totally know what you are feeling except for the whole writing a novel thing. naps cut in half does not make for a fun day.

  2. Everyone assured me that when I dropped or shortened his morning nap, his afternoon nap would lengthen.

    Nope, not my child. His afternoon nap just got shorter, and he started waking up earlier. I think he's just overtired and not ready for the switch. I am hereby bringing back the morning nap! :)

  3. Maybe you should try writing picture books? :)

  4. lol. Yeah, I've been working on revisions on a groundhog story that's been brewing for awhile on top of the NaNo novel. My window's closing on a conference submission, but I'm at that horrible point of loving it TOO much to send it out right now. I'm not sure my little groundhog is ready for rejection yet. :)