Home Stretch

Signs that I'm squeaking into the NaNo finish line:

-All my characters have started shrugging, smiling, laughing, and rolling their eyes multiple times within any given scene.  And my personal favorite, wiping away a tear.

-I've begun updating my word count every 100 words.

-My margin comments have gone from "Research tide schedules" to "Check for continuity" to "This could possibly be the worst paragraph ever written...in the history of writing...ever."

-I've debated sending mean NaNoMail to the crazy writers who have insane word counts like 872K.  What the what?  Are they liars?  Insomniacs?  Superheroes?  Am highly intrigued.

-I've also debated sending mean regular mail to Hubbykins for taking away my Entertainment Weekly with the sparkly vampires research articles that I need to peruse.

-And my favorite activity:  Entering variables into this equation... 50,000 - current word count X number of writing days remaining = Okay, yes, I can write 2435 words a day.


  1. YAY! I've moved on to the Christmas oreos w/ the red center. ;)

  2. Ha! Well, I'm sure those 872K people have no Little Peas around!

    Speaking of which... thanks SO much for always commenting on Jordan's blog! That is awfully sweet of you :)

  3. You're so welcome! I think you might have a future writer on your hands. She's so observant and creative.