Where I've Been/Where I'm Going

Before you worry that I'm going to start waxing philosophical on this here blog, have no fear!  I am speaking in the physical sense.  I've been to Disney World (and will post about that over at my personal blog, the Snarkington Post).  I am going, this weekend to the SCBWI Midsouth Conference.  I'm stark, raving, out of my mind a little bit excited.

This will be my first writer's conference.  Okay, technically that is not  true.  This will be my first adult writer's conference.  In middle school, I went to two young writer's conferences where the keynote speakers were S.E. Hinton and Judith Viorst.  Let me say that again...S.E. Hinton and Judith Viorst.  And, no, I did not appreciate the opportunities at the time.  And, yes, I wish I could go back to my middle school self and slap her and yell, "Write down everything these women are saying!  Transcribe it on papyrus!  Tattoo it on your brain!"

So, FYI, Caroline B. Cooney, I will be the one taking notes and not flipping through Rumblefish searching for kissing scenes.


  1. Good Luck! I loved SE Hinton books as a kid. But I also just wanted to be in a movie with Matt Dillon. :)

  2. Ha! S.E. Hinton and Judith Viorst? Youth is wasted on the young :)

  3. This was my takeaway from the S.E. Hinton speech...her husband taught Tom Cruise how to play pool in the basement of their Tulsa home. Tom Cruise went on to his breakout role in The Color of Money.

    Lesson to be learned: A YA writer can be credited for Tom Cruise's fame.