Please Step On the Platform

"Platform" seems to be a hot topic recently.  And for a pre-published writer like myself (don't you just love this term?  So hopeful!), it's a bit depressing.  I understand publishers' reasoning on this.  In this stinky economy, I wouldn't want to take a gamble on a complete unknown either.  But if you're like me, a busy mom who writes in her spare (ha!) time, what do you do?  Other than despair and tear your submissions up to make bird nests and papier-mache hats?

But, then, it occurred to me.  Maybe "mom" IS my platform.  Who are buying the books for their kids?  Moms!

So are you unknown?  Go ahead, leave a comment.'re one step up on your platform.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from "Say Anything"...
Diane Court:  Nobody knew me before tonight.
Lloyd Dobler:  They knew of you. Now they know you.

And, now, I have to go hunt down whatever object is leaving this funky smell in my dining room.

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