How to Instill a Love of Reading in Your Child

Step 1:  Read to him before naps and bedtime (and when he'll sit still for longer than three minutes).  Check.

Step 2:  Assemble several of his favorite books into a handy basket beside the nursery rocker.  Check.

Step 3:  Encourage him to explore and pick up books at his leisure.  Check.

Step 4:  Walk out of the room for 20 seconds to put the bath toys up and race back into room in panic mode when he begins shrieking.  Check.

Step 5:  Dig said child out of book pile and kiss the boo-boo where the corner of Cha-Cha Chimps scratched him from neck to navel.  Check.

Step 6:  Pray that he is not forever traumatized from book avalanche incident.  Check.

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