Baby Steps

My graduate degree is in counseling and marriage and family studies.  I'm no longer practicing, but I find that it does still color the way I view the world, my family, parenting.  One thing I've been thinking a lot about lately is boundaries.  Besides the obvious safety ones ("Touch not the electrical outlet!"), I'm attempting to establish some emotional ones with the Pea.  Obviously, at this age, hovering between the Piagetian stages of "trust vs. mistrust" and "autonomy vs. shame and doubt", those boundaries are in their simplest stage ("No, Mommy closes the door while she poops.")  And the fact that I'm still nursing severely limits how well he will accept said boundaries.  If my primary source of nutrition could up and walk out of the room, I'd be fairly clingy as well.

I've also been pondering boundaries which need to be set with my writing.  Examples:  The laptop must be switched off by x o'clock lest I wake up the next morning a zombie.  "No, picture book, I will not focus on how I'm going to introduce the asaparagus earlier on in the story while my pastor is speaking."  And, of course, there's the obvious emotional boundaries involved with developing that writer's thick skin.

It's just that sometimes, the writing seems more demanding than a toddler.

What about you Writing Mamas out there?  How have you tackled boundaries in your life?

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